• MMF main objective and aims are to degrade conditions of disadvantaged and effected community as a result of the prolonged civil war in Somalia. The organization emphasis is on supporting and encouraging young and old generation to be educated people and helping poor marginalized community who are vulnerable to poverty due to prolonged civil war, manmade disaster and mismanagement of resources.
  • MMF focus on the development of localities and environmental protection. The organization designed to implement its projects by taking into full account of priority needs of the target community, funding agencies interest to achieve goal.
  • The following objectives are required under taking:
  1. To advocate the actual community basic needs.
    • Emergency relief programs.
    • Basic and advanced education service.
    • Agriculture, fishing and livestock projects.
    • Environmental protection programs.
    • Combating drug addicted youth.
  2. To set up workable strategy promoting the life standard Somali people in general and labour force in general.
  • To promote the all-rounded development efforts of Somali people to attain self reliance by providing financial, materials, moral and technical assistance.
  1. To coordinate efforts, arrange and implement ways to alleviate the poverty, backwardness and displacement of Somali localities who are seriously affected by the constant and prolonged civil war in Somalia.

The organization will promote health, educational opportunities, water supply and other infrastructures.