About us

Mecca Al- Mukarama Foundation is a non governmental organization, it offers humanitarian and special developments programs to poor communities, illiterate people, orphan and internal displaced people in Somalia. The organization provides technical, educational and material assistance to the poors, orphan and displaced people.


Allah will help this people as long as they help them selves.


Mecca Al- Mukarama Foundation is an NGO which was established in July 2000 in Mogadishu Somalia. This organization was founded to promote concept of community development, helping the poor and afflicated people, eradication of illiteracy.


The organization was founded BY Somali intellectuals; it was established as a response to the instability following to the unrest during the civil war, which caused the loss of the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and demolishing the country’s economical and educational infrastructures. The unrest also caused many people to flee from their homes and become refugees in countries like Kenya Ethiopia, Yemen and even Djibouti, it the become necessary to establish a strong civil institution in order to alleviate the constant problems facing the most vulnerable parts of the community.